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High-temperature wear and oxidation behaviors of TiNi/Ti 2 Ni matrix composite coatings with TaC addition prepared on Ti6Al4V by laser cladding YH Lv, J Li, YF Tao, LF Hu - Applied Surface Science, 2017 Abstract TiNi/Ti 2 Ni matrix composite coatings were produced on Ti6Al4V surfaces by laser cladding the mixed powders of Ni-based alloy and different contents of TaC (0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 wt.%). Microstructures of the coatings were investigated. High-temperature wear

Catalytic role of surface pre-treatment of noble-metal-like tungsten carbide powder on electroless deposition of nickel

F Xue, L Zhu, J Wang, Z Tu - Surface and Coatings Technology, 2015
... Ceramic-metal composite powder which combines the desirable properties of ceramics and metals is widely employed to improve the surface performance of components to meet the increasingly stringent service conditions by thermal spraying or laser cladding technology [1 ...

The Influence of Welding Parameters on Heat Transfer Efficiency of Hybrid Pulsed Nd: YAG/GTAW Welding

MX Xie, LJ Zhang - Advanced Materials Research, 2015
... suitable binary metal joint among three different dissimilar metal... 493. Effect of Defocus Distance on Layer Quality in Insider-Laser Coaxial Powder Feeding Laser Cladding. Authors: Hou Shun Sun, Shi Hong Shi, Ge Yan Fu ...

Application of spark plasma sintering (SPS) for the fabrication of in situ Ni-TiC nanocomposite clad layer

S Zohari, Z Sadeghian, B Lotfi, C Broeckmann - Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2015
... Effect of NiCrBSi content on microstructural evolution, cracking susceptibility and wear behaviors of laser cladding WC/Ni–NiCrBSi composite coatings. ... Effect of powders refinement on the tribological behavior of Ni-based composite coatings by laser cladding. App. Surf. ...

[PDF]A review on functionally graded materials

SA CPM, B Varghese, A Baby - The International Journal Of Engineering And Science, 2014
... Laser based SFF process for FGM include: laser cladding based method, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), 3-D Printing (3-DP), and Selective Laser Melting (SLM). Laser cladding based system and selective laser melting are capable of producing fully dense components. ...

Influence and application of laser parameters on unit of H13 steel by laser remelting process

Z Jia, J Li, L Liu, Y Liu, Y Wang, H Li - The International Journal of Advanced …, 2015
... Laser alloying and cladding by blowing a power of a suitable chemical composition and grain size in a laser- generated molten pool traveling across the workpiece are also used to enhance the performance or to repair the damaged tool surface [12–14]. ...

Experimental demonstration of optical fiber laser with octagonal-shaped core

Y Wang, L Liao, N Zhao, J Peng, N Dai, H Li, J Li - Applied Physics A, 2015
... When the large mode area double- cladding fiber (DCF) was applied, the development of high-power Yb3?-doped fiber laser (YDFL) has been ac- celerated, more and more powerful output and linear slope efficiency of YDFL have been obtained [1–3]. On the way of pursuing ...

Study on the thermal distribution and thermal management of high average power fiber lasers

Z Yongliang, Z Lei, L Xiaobao, L Chao, Z Taidou… - Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2015
... Page 2. CPS strips the cladding laser power in the fiber. Part of the stripped laser radiates from CPS, and the rest transforms into heat. ... Therefore the waveguide is destroyed, and the cladding laser is stripped. The heat produced is transmitted to heat sink. ...

Effect of Laser Melting on Plasma Sprayed WC-12 wt.% Co Coatings

M Afzal, AN Khan, TB Mahmud, TI Khan, M Ajmal - Surface and Coatings Technology, 2015
... The laser cladding and melting of WC-Co coatings could lead to WC dissolution and precipitation of brittle phases, depending on the laser parameters used [1], [15], [16] and [17]. Therefore, process parameters have to be carefully ...

Review of Al-free active region laser diodes on GaAs for pumping applications

M Krakowski, M Lecomte, N Michel, M Calligaro… - SPIE OPTO, 2015
... while the cladding layers are composed of AlGaInP. It is also realized in two steps MOVPE, the second one being used to bury the Bragg gratings. We have achieved the 780nm emission for a current of 145mA, corresponding to an optical power of 25mW (figure 14). The laser is ...

[HTML]Gain-guided index-antiguided fiber with a Fabry-Perot layer for large mode area laser amplifiers

CH Lai, HY Chen, CH Du, YP Chiou - Optics Express, 2015
... Abstract. We propose a modified gain-guided index-antiguided (GGIAG) fiber structure for large mode area laser amplifiers, in which a thin dielectric layer is placed between the low-index core and the high-index cladding. The ...